Board Resolution

Mainstreaming of Social Performance Management (SPM)

MAXIMA conducted an Orientation on Social Performance Management (SPM) and Client Protection Principles (CPP) for all the Board members on September 28, 2015 at MAXIMA, which was attended by Board Members and Senior Management: Mr. An Bunhak, Mr.Taejun Shin, Mr. Sanjay Gandhi, Mr. Yean Rithy, Mr. Ao Veng, Mr. Chet Chanprasoeur, Mr. Muy Mara, and Mrs. Sreng Sivechheng.

Universal Standards of Social Performance Management (SPM) and Client Protection Principles (CPP) were introduced by Ms. Praachi Gandhi, the SPM Head at Gojo & Company Inc. After the discussion at the orientation, the Board agreed to follow all the principles of SPM and CPP in all of MAXIMA’s activities. In effect the Board of Directors supported the recommendation to mainstream SPM in the MFI. This was done with the understanding that intrinsically an MFI has a dual nature, that of an institution undertaking economic activities with the underlying purpose of improving the lives of its clients and staff.

All Board Members agreed that the balance of social commitment and financial viability is of equal importance in an MFI. It was further agreed that MAXIMA must abide by certain social performance standards and do regular follow-up on its social performance indicators, so that the MFIs management and staff can regularly monitor the progress and improvement of its client’s lives as, stipulated in MAXIMA’s vision, mission and slogan.

The Board is highly convinced that integrating Social Performance Management is for the members’ best interest, as this enables MAXIMA to actually translate its mission into practice.

Therefore, it is resolved, from now on Social Performance Management be formally initiated, documented and sustained at MAXIMA. Further resolved that SPM Committee be created and composed of the following

  1. Mr. Pa Ponnak RithyChief Executive Officer
  2. Mrs. Sreng Sive Chheng Chief Financial Officer
  3. Mrs. Praachi Gandhi Head of SPM
  4. Mr. Khean Darith Head of IT
  5. Mr. Tann Hokheng Head of Audit
  6. Mrs. Sim Soupheakna Head of HR

Furthermore, Mr. Taejun Shin is designated as the SPM Champion at MAXIMA.