I would like to pay special congratulations to all staff for their effort toward achieving the amazing result for this year. MAXIMA ended the financial year with the total loan portfolio of USD 9.8 million, and active clients over 4,500 respectively.

The main achievement of MAXIMA is as follows:
    (1)   Increase of loan portfolio of 23% despite operating in area with high competition
    (2)   Increase of profit after tax of 43% despite some loss in exchange rate
    (3)   MAXIMA loans were instrumental in creating 781 jobs for villagers in its operational areas

In addition to that, social performance management concept is fully adopted at MAXIMA, and most of the staff understand social performance and apply the concept to our services. Based on the client satisfaction survey results, majority of clients are satisfied with products and services provided by MAXIMA, and the clients’ standard of living has also improved. The year saw an increase in the loan portfolio by 23%, and also a drop in the number of clients by around 4%. This drop in the number of clients is deliberate, as MAXIMA decided to have more focus on the quality of its clients to prevent them from getting over-indebted. During this year, MAXIMA improved branding visibility to the world through its social mission which captured the attention and interest from social lenders, and investors including Oikocredit, Lendahand, and some local banks.

While having more progress in operations, MAXIMA is currently developing the system with third party agent to facilitate loan payment for clients. MAXIMA is committed to being the best microfinance institution in providing best financial service to the clients in line with our mission.

I take this opportunity to thank our Shareholders, the Chairman, Directors, members of the Committees for their guidance and support throughout the year. Thanks are due also to the country regulators, Cambodian Microfinance Association and National Bank of Cambodia, who work hard to build a good microfinance sector in Cambodia, thank you for your support in helping us make the lives of our clients better.

PA Ponnak Rithy
Chief Executive Officer